Monday, January 25, 2010

God Does Not Exist/Free Your Mind

This was a project for a video class. We were learning DVD studio pro and we had to make an interactive DVD. I held a sign and had an old photography teacher of mine take pictures. Meanwhile I had my phone wrapped around my neck while it recorded the conversations I was sure to have; the audio turned out terrible and at this point I'm not sure where it is. I was planning on using that audio as people navigated the DVD. You would click an arrow on the screen (forward, left, right) and a POV shot of me walking to the next area where I was to be stationed would play while the audio of the conversation played. Since I had no audio I recorded my self reading atheist quotes between stops.

I took these at the State Capitol after riding the bus. I was most shocked throughout this project by how apathetic people generally were. I had a handful of conversations and even fewer one liner taunts and jeers (which included "fag") but I was expecting a little more. I guess it makes sense given that religion destroys the mind.

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