Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mind Assault

This piece created in a sculpture class and was part of an assignment in which we were supposed to design a wire sculpture that was a hybrid between two objects. I was again disturbed during critique that none of my fellow students had invested any meaning in their work. Everyone simply fused two separate objects into one. For instance a girl in my class brought in a rosary and was using one of the beads for part of her piece. Now here is something I think you would have a lot invested in personally (she did mention how she carries it with her and prays before test.) and would have some significance in the work outside being a template for a spherical object. There was no wider significance, the bead was simply decoration on a boat that she had to lean against a wall because it wouldn't stand. I was considering putting pictures of it here so as to better mock and ridicule it but I recalled seeing her struggling to bend the thing in half so it would be easier to chuck into a dumpster; I am assuming she eventually got it in there.

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